To refine and redefine the role of electronic media by utilizing enriched entertainment for enhancing social sensibilities and personal traits with a particular focus on empowerment of women and youth.


To set new standards of excellence in quality and versatility of content to satiate the entertainment cravings of a diversified and expanding viewership base with a view to bring a positive change in the society.

Company Profile

SSI has the honour to operate Pakistan’s 2nd largest terrestrial channel (ATV) under public / private partnership since June 24, 2005. Whereas, its leading cable & satellite based Entertainment channel (A-Plus) entered the fray on 25th July, 2010. Ever since, the channel has enamored hearts and engaged minds through its aesthetically enriched presentation of its signature family entertainment with a socially responsible approach.

Keeping the viewers engaged at home, A-Plus has transcended borders to capture new continents and cultures becoming a proud ambassador of Pakistan’s positive cultural values and social norms. Staying high on entertainment yet socially responsible, A-Plus channel aims to hitch even non Urdu speaking communities with its distinct flavor and fervor. A-Plus has also syndicated a number of its dramas for international broadcast, including Zee, Sony, B4U and IFLIX just to name a few. Targeting the Asia and Europe, A-Plus transmission is available on Asia Sat 7.

Over the years, A-Plus has gained and retained its position among the top ranking entertainment television channels in Pakistan. A-Plus presents an eclectic mix of programs ranging from drama serials, sitcoms, soaps, music shows, morning shows, health shows and magazine shows.

Drama remains the most lethal weapon in A-Plus’s entertainment quiver. Based on good stories with a moral, A-Plus Dramas highlight social issues, familial conflicts, personal attitudes, with a focus on woman empowerment thus playing a role in refining and redefining perspectives with a view to build a more peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan.

ATV is watched throughout Pakistan terrestrially (on antenna) and in 86 countries of the world including the Gulf States through Paksat 1-R. ATV today is a symbol of quality television entertainment in Pakistan. With its reach and impact, ATV has forward looking vision that draws strength from the rich religious and cultural traditions of the land. ATV has launched a host of fresh and entertaining programs in its new quarter keeping in view all segments of its diverse viewer ship that range from urban to rural and terrestrial to international.