Mann ke Dhagay

Mann ke Dhagay

  Video  |  Tuesday 9:00PM

Directed by :
Asif Younus, Imran Ali

Executive Producers :
Tanveer Ajmi, Habib Jan

Producer :
Imran Wai Qureshi

Writer :
Salma Younus

Cast :
Shama Zuberi, Daniyal Afzal, Alyia, Saima Qureshy, Ghazala Butt, Maria Tahir, Salahuddin Tonio, Hanif Bachan, Saqlain Bashir, Momina Salahuddin, Saima Kamran


This is the story of a Arsa who is a brave and daring girl who always stands for the right of people who are underprivileged like her.
Arsa’s friend invited her on the success party of her lawyer father, where Arsa met Shahbaz Malik, who is also a lawyer. Arsa make Shahbaz guilty of his wrong case and Shahbaz gets inspired with Arsa. He falls in love with Arsa.
Shahbaz’s mother make him marry with his widow sister in law (bhabi) while creating a drama. Shahbaz was forced to marry his Bhabi.
Arsa’s father gets paralyzed so Arsa starts a job and take the burden of her family’s financial problems.
Arsa’s younger sister engagement gets broken so Arsa makes his colleague and lover Shehryar to marry her sister.
With different twists and turns Arsa gets married to Shahbaz Malik and gets the reward of all her sacrifices.