Video  |  Monday 9:00pm

Director :
Jan Rambo

Written By :
Malik Khuda Baksh

Produced by :
Sahiba Afzal

Cast :
Moammar Rana, Sahiba Afzal, Jan Rambo, Sofia Mirza, Hanan Sameed, Sameer Khan, Nimra


Taqdeer is the story of love and hate relationship between 4 strong characters of the drama.
Rania and Riya are sisters, but they are completely opposite in nature.

Rania is married to Salman but she uses to love Shazil, when shazil comes to her in-laws home as a legal consultant, Rania gets shock of her life. Rania asks Shazil to leave the house and let her settle in
her married life. But when in a tragic incident salman died. Rania’s mother in law ask her to marry her brother in law Saif. Who likes her younger sister
Riya. Riya got kidnapped by Taimor but he keeps her with all the honor and respect. As she comes to know that Saif is her own sister’s brother in law she
refuses to marry saif.
With different twists and turns, Rania’s sacrifices for her in laws comes to an end and her mother in law comes to know that she uses to love Shazil and she get them married happily.