Faltu Larki

Faltu Larki is a drama serial revolving around the main character named Jahan Ara. She is an innocent girl residing in India. One of her uncle...

Nikki & Buddy

This is a series where people will be taught about the good and the bad in a comical way via two main characters Nikki and Buddy. ...


This is a story about a woman named Ehsaas who has to face discrimination at the hands of her step mother and step sister initially. A man will later come in her life which will change everything ...

Haseena Moin Ki Kahaani

It's a story of "Odd Couple "the husband is "Nerd" and wife is "Bold & Beautiful ". Husband name is Moin and Wife name is Haseena...

Mann Mar Jae Na

Ujala is a story about a young widow mother who has two daughters. The woman works in a company but the boss of the company is very stubborn. ...


It is said that a woman cannot forget her first love, be it her lover or her husband. If a second man enters ...

Mujhe Bhi Khuda Ne Bnaya Hai

This is a story revolving around four characters i.e. mother, daughter, sister and wife. The main focus...

Piya Be Dardi

This is a story revolving around the daily life of a newly married couple Eishal and Sahir. Sahir has several shades to his personality in a negative way...

Kambakht Tanno

This is a soap which will highlight one harsh reality of our society where people term others as unlucky and if something...

Dumpukht - Aatish-e-Ishq

Dunpukht is a story highlighting the orthodox point of view concerning the norms and traditions in the villages in Pakistan. ...

Kaisi Khushi Le Ker Aya Chand

This is a story about Nawab Abdul wahidullah and his family where the main character is his son named Abdullah with a nickname of Chand. Then we have Amir's family who is the owner of a TV channel. ...

Mera Naam Yousuf Hai

Yousuf sees Zulekha in a train for the very first time and is unable to get her out of his mind. Zulekha, stuck in between the proposals of her cousins that are masked by the personal interests of her parents...


The story of a wound. Richer and prettier than her ordinary-looking and jealous friend Farah, Aashi is forced to marry her below-average but kind-hearted cousin Jameel...

Kon Karta Hai Wafa

Prettier than her beautiful dreams, Quratulain's endless journey through the maze of life ironically brings her back to a crossroad which...


Rizwan Taseer, an established businessman and his wife Falak, a liberal minded drama director have spent the best years of their married life together ...


A stranger in a strange world, motherless and selfless Gori fails to find her space in this selfish world. Exploited in

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9:00 AM Mujhay Bhi Khuda Na Banaya Hai-(R)
10:00 AM Parsai-(R)
11:00 AMGohar-e-Nayab-(R)
12:00 PMJaanam-(R)
1:00 PMParsai-(R)
2:00 PMFaltu Larki-(R)
3:00 PMVeet Miss Pakistan-(R)
4:00 PMmann Mar jaye Na-(R)
5:00 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai-(R)
6:00 PMPiya Be Dardi-(R)
7:20 PMHaseena Moin Ki Khanai
8:10 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai
9:10 PMMann Mar Jaye Na
10:10 PMMera Naam Yousuf Hai
11:00 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai-(R)
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