Khalid Ahmed
Writer :
Bee Gul
Cast :
Parveen Malik as Zerii (Mummy), Sumbul Shahid as Humaira (Ammi), Qazi Wajid as General Sahib (Papa), Iffat Umer as Cuckoo, Alishba Yousuf as, Laila, Sohail Sameer as Mansoor, Anita Camphor as Mrs khan, Fawad Khan as Khurrum, Faris Khalid as Sad.

Laila, an exemplary young girl leading a simple life with no greater expectations apart from finding true love in her arranged marriage, discovers her real strength and a strong identity as an independent woman when put through the test of time and relations. Will the society let her find the equality that she rightly deserves and the love she has always longed for ?

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8:00 PMKhuda Dekh Raha Hai
9:00 PMKaisa Yeh Ishq Hai
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