Produced By :
Shahzad Riaz
Directed by :
Shoaib Khan
Written by :
Faiza Iftikhar
Cast :
Jia Ali Sangeeta, Saima Saleem, Faria Waseem, Saba Faisal, Seeme Rahiel, Laibha Chaudhry, Faiza Gillani, Dania Anwar, Salman Shahid, Fawad Jalal, Ali Tabish, Shabir Jan, Qaisar Nazamani, Salman Faisal, Saqlain Bashir, Auranzeb Laghari, Ajmal Deewan, Noman Ejaz (Guest).

Sakina's solitary but peaceful life at the convent comes to a sudden halt when her mother Zamrud's unanticipated death in an accident takes Sakina to her mother's origin...the red light area of the city. Initially submissive to the dictates of her maternal grandmother and aunt, she is resolute to find an escape which she finally does... On the run, she stumbles into Haroon, a student-turned-criminal. Running away from their ugly destinies, the two fugitives fall for each other for a short time, and then flow apart to complete their own journeys towards one destination. Full of surprises, twists and turns, this odyssey will reveal some good, bad and ugly aspects of the society we live in.

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6:00 AMTilawat
7:00 AMDumpukht-(R)
8:00 AMJaanam-(R)
9:00 AM Mujhay Bhi Khuda Na Banaya Hai-(R)
10:00 AM Parsai-(R)
11:00 AMGohar-e-Nayab-(R)
12:00 PMJaanam-(R)
1:00 PMParsai-(R)
2:00 PMFaltu Larki-(R)
3:00 PMVeet Miss Pakistan-(R)
4:00 PMmann Mar jaye Na-(R)
5:00 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai-(R)
6:00 PMPiya Be Dardi-(R)
7:20 PMHaseena Moin Ki Khanai
8:10 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai
9:10 PMMann Mar Jaye Na
10:10 PMMera Naam Yousuf Hai
11:00 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai-(R)
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