Written by :
Irfan Mughal
Directed by :
Kashif Saleem
Produced by :
Barkat Sidiki
Cast :
Javaid Sheikh, Sanam Chaudary, Humayun Ashraf, Sana Fakhar, Yasir Mazhar, Sherry Shah, Seemi Pasha, Sheriyar Zaidi, Faheem Abbas, Sara Omair, Aamir Qureshi, Farah Nadeem, Parveen Akber, Raima Khan, Raju Jameel and Urooj Chawla.

This is a story revolving around four characters i.e. mother, daughter, sister and wife. The main focus is on the atrocities committed on the daughter due to the ego of an arrogant man who is her father. He wants his wife and daughter in law to obey his orders while he doesn't want her own daughter to get married at all. He demands from his sons to give him a male grandchild.

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6:00 AMTilawat
7:00 AMDumpukht-(R)
8:00 AMJaanam-(R)
9:00 AM Mujhay Bhi Khuda Na Banaya Hai-(R)
10:00 AM Parsai-(R)
11:00 AMGohar-e-Nayab-(R)
12:00 PMJaanam-(R)
1:00 PMParsai-(R)
2:00 PMFaltu Larki-(R)
3:00 PMVeet Miss Pakistan-(R)
4:00 PMmann Mar jaye Na-(R)
5:00 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai-(R)
6:00 PMPiya Be Dardi-(R)
7:20 PMHaseena Moin Ki Khanai
8:10 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai
9:10 PMMann Mar Jaye Na
10:10 PMMera Naam Yousuf Hai
11:00 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai-(R)
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