Project Head :
Zanjabeel Asim Shah
Written by :
Samina Nazir
Director :
Aashan Ahmed
Produced by :
Tariq Mujeeb
Cast :
Tehreem Zuberi, Noman Masood, Gul-e-Rana, Sajjida Syed, Ali Abbas, Marium Ansari, Farhan Ali Agha, Javeriya Ajmal and others...

Ujala is a story about a young widow mother who has two daughters. The woman works in a company but the boss of the company is very stubborn. The drama has a light and comical tune to it in the beginning as the daughters will try to get their mother married to that boss so that they also get a father and then after marriage they will shift in their home. Then the story will shift to other problems which she would have to face after marriage.

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6:00 AMTilawat
7:00 AMDumpukht-(R)
8:00 AMJaanam-(R)
9:00 AM Mujhay Bhi Khuda Na Banaya Hai-(R)
10:00 AM Parsai-(R)
11:00 AMGohar-e-Nayab-(R)
12:00 PMJaanam-(R)
1:00 PMParsai-(R)
2:00 PMFaltu Larki-(R)
3:00 PMVeet Miss Pakistan-(R)
4:00 PMmann Mar jaye Na-(R)
5:00 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai-(R)
6:00 PMPiya Be Dardi-(R)
7:20 PMHaseena Moin Ki Khanai
8:10 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai
9:10 PMMann Mar Jaye Na
10:10 PMMera Naam Yousuf Hai
11:00 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Nay Banaya Hai-(R)
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